"Who he?"

Scott Thomas Webster grew up with a wild imagination leading him to creative concepts and an unconventional attitude. Fueled by the history of rebellious rock ‘n’ roll, he began his entertainment journey as a creative writer. Scott initially wrote short stories – often with a dark twist, and poetry for the hopeless romantic. Within a short time, his creative writings turned into musical ideas, and when he was a freshman in high school, he began playing the electric bass. Scott would later join his first band, Pell~Mell, a post grunge/alternative rock group.

Throughout high school, the band, booked by Max Cruise, played bars and nightclubs throughout Ocean and Monmouth counties in New Jersey, including Birch Hill, the Fast Lane, The Stone Pony, The Green Room, The Beachcomber and Jack’s Racks, until the band broke up in 2004.

Scott’s outlook on music and the arts was to express himself through lyrics and sound. One of the most important artistic qualities he values is the artist’s personality.Throughout his professional development, Scott has focused on getting in tune with his rock ‘n’ roll idols by paying close attention to their character and stage presence. In particular, he is drawn to entertainers such as Bon Scott, Jim Morrison, Brian Setzer ,Johnny Cash, George Thorogood, Elvis Presley, and Kurt Cobain.  

After Pell~Mell, Scott began listening to rock ‘n’ roll and blues of all generations, which greatly influenced his sound. By the age of 21, he began performing as a solo artist. In 2008, he developed a backing band and within a year, “The Young Guns” became the house band at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park.

Scott worked with The Young Guns for a year before they went their separate ways. Since 2010, Scott has been focusing on developing his solo career into a success. He is currently in the works of a three song solo EP featuring a full band act and has eyes on bigger venues to reach a broader audience for his music.