Scott Thomas Webster is a singer/songwriter from Ocean County, New Jersey.

I've been told that I have a unique way of blending a classic rock 'n' roll sound with an original twist in nod to my influences from the '50s to the present. Primarily, I am a solo act playing acoustic guitar and harmonica, I give it my all to bring a strong voice range of a bass/baritone/wide to the table. Humbly, I have been compared to great entertainers such as: Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Billy Idol, Elvis Presley, and Glenn Danzig. I enjoy incorporating a lot of character into vocal techniques and theatrical performances; Currently, I am enjoying this hobbie in Bricktown NJ and I would like to get involved more locally. Don't feel weird to write and reach out! I'm pretty down to Earth.  Thank you for checking out my Website!


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